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At Total Care, we are committed to ensuring that an injured worker receives the best pre-hospital care available. We can unabashedly say that our trucks and MTCs (Medical Treatment Centres) are THE BEST EQUIPPED in the industry! We go above and beyond industry requirements because your safety, and that of your employees, is our top concern!

As such, we have thought of all the extras that make our medics as well prepared as they can possibly be to maximize opportunity for critical care in the “Golden Hour”, thereby drastically increase survival rates and minimizing recovery times. 

Our Medics are regularly put through their paces with rigorous practice sessions and “man down” exercises. We use level 3 instructors and examiners to perform these exercises with us to ensure that we are well prepared to use the newest and best life saving equipment and procedures.

When every minute counts, you can count on us!



  • Total Care MTCs meet Transport Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) for rollover protection, fire retardant materials and seat belt configuration
  • All Total Care MTCs are AED (Automated External Defibrillator) equipped
  • MTCs exceed both BC & Alberta WCB regulations for level 3 dressing stations as well as MTC supplies. In fact, our Total Care units are equipped to a level 3 first aid room level at no additional cost to our client
  • Our basket stretchers are light weight and we use fiberglass spine boards to keep weight down as well (increasing safety and response times). Head beds and spider straps are standard equipment for Total Care units! As are spine board pads. Each basket stretcher also has an additional oxygen (E) cylinder as well as blankets and wooden leg splints. Each basket stretcher is placed inside a heavy duty vinyl, waterproof cover that has handholds for easier carrying.
  • Total Care “Jump Bags” are a backpack style bag, ensuring that our medics hands are free as they respond to various types of accident scenes, and over any terrain. These bags are equipped with an additional oxygen cylinder holding a minimum of 20 minutes of O2 at 10L/min
  • All MTCs are equipped with emergency eye wash stations with multiple single use eye wash bottles
  • In addition to the 2 other oxygen bottles (in our baskets & our jump bags), each unit is supplied with a “K” cylinder, bringing the total amount of time we can supply oxygen to just over 9 hours
  • Burn kits and sterile burn sheets are standard stock
Total-MTCs Total-MTCs Total-MTCs Total-MTCs
  • Late model 3/4 to 1 ton 4x4 trucks 
  • Tires exceed manufacturer specifications 
  • Winter tires (most with studs) used during winter months 
  • Aggressive mud tires used during remainder of the year 
  • Servicing of Total Care trucks is performed by a licensed mechanic every 5,000 km. This includes safety inspections with a mechanics checklist
  • 2 truck mounted radios (digital UHF transceivers) 
  • One hand held radio (digital UHF transceiver) 
  • Digital phone with 3 watt booster 
  • Spill kits 
  • Fire extinguishers & safety equipment (incl. triangles, flares, booster cables, tow rope and various replacement light bulbs & fuses) 
  • Tire chains if applicable or requested 
  • All trucks are always clean before leaving for a new site and are also routinely washed during a job as needed or when possible 
Total-MTCs Total-MTCs Total-MTCs Total-MTCs


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